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New Item Song of BD Actress Moushumi


This is first Hot Item song by bengali actress Moushumi. She is back after Long Break at Dhallywood. Rongilare Rongilare | Mon Janena Moner Thikana (2016) | Movie Song | Tanvir | Moushumi | Papri Rongilare Rongilare, song from the ...

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Rajinikanth new film made record in teaser ! (Video)


South Indian films ‘god’ fame actor Rajinikanth. This means nityunatuna the surprise superstar. Recently released its new movie teaser kabalira. Rajinikanth tijaratite 65-year-old has been published in the role of Action. Getape favorite star getting the spirit of the fans ...

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Without pin some way to wear hijab (watching videos to learn)


Hijab is to protect the beauty and perfection of religion in everyday attire. Clothing, fashion does not have to wear the hijab in accordance with the conditions and tastes. Quick to wear the hijab is given less time to prepare. ...

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Second version of Heroes of 71 on March 6[Video]


The background of the war of liberation in 1971 the country’s young programmers created the game “Heroes of 71. This is the first mobile game of war. Under the patronage of the government’s ICT department on March 6 of this ...

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Facebook’s new five-button (video)


Facebook users also like to express the feelings of the five buttons can be used. Now, as well as popular social networking sites like Facebook post, love, laughter, surprise, sadness and anger feelings can be expressed. In addition to the ...

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Suddenly Purnima (Video)


I have not seen the film, now regularly purnimake popular actress. While the small screen he appeared only occasionally. The husband of the heroine, is busy with family and children. Declared the film to return very soon. But eventually they ...

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Only for girls (Video)


A little with the bat to kill mosquitoes can make itself at home in the 5,000-volt Taser or Stun Gun capacity of our country, is an effective weapon against women can be. Although the developed countries women of our country, ...

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Make Valentine’s Day Fun hartasepa vegetable cutlet! (Video)


Valentine’s Day to surprise a loved one is planning to have a lot of things cooking. Loved ones Dear indeed any sweet foods. What are some of the spicy cuisine of the day? Heart shapes can create a vegetable cutlet ...

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Strawberry is the easiest way to create muja (recipe and video)


The market has a variety of strawberry dessert made with fruit and has begun already. Strawberry flavor is better, and the strawberries in a food muja. But many omukho muja are not difficult to create. Let’s have a look at ...

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Agent Jason Bourne (Video)


World-shaking thriller “Bourne” series was released 01 in the latest episode. The central character of Jason Bourne, played by Hollywood actor Matt Damon. Not long passed any new pictures coming out of the audience thought that Matt Damon was. The ...

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