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6 Use of banana peel.


Although cheaper than other fruits, bananas are not lagging behind at all in terms of therapy. More potassium than a fruit that is very beneficial for patients with blood pressure and heart disease. But this insect eating banana banana peel ...

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Nusrat Faria able to attract visitors


“Asikira Nusrat Faria saw the light of the discussion since the second film,” Hero 420 “. On February 19, two days after the release of the first film was preksagrhamukhi see lots of visitors. Including 86 theaters across the country ...

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The new advertisement Mahmoud Karar.


Young Turkish Webster Mahmud. Recently, a new product has been bijnapanacitrera model. Product Name tiiela plastic. The model can be viewed with kararera Sneha A’ishah. Diopi Production House Krishnendu Chatterjee made the banner ad. Karar In the context of the ...

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Preeti married on 12 February !


Bollywood actress Preity Zinta’s marriage is not the end of the speculation. A few days after her marriage and there is news that a new Jaracchena about love more. However, the news has dismissed the friendlies before lying. Again, there ...

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Hollywood actress Halle Berry frustrated.


Like a comet, the first Afro-American as he won the Best Actress Oscar. But then? And then a black actress still has not received the same honor. Black celebrities have been victims of racism in the Oscars this year. The ...

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The first published song top in 60 countries !


First published in 60 countries ganatii iTunes debut album reaches the top. One Direction singer Jae, a former owner of the first album of the band, “The Mind of the first song maina ‘pilotaka” was published in January of this ...

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Joya Ahsan new film in Kolkata.


Kolkata, has signed a new film actress Joya Ahsan. The name of the movie “Eagle Eye.” It will be directed by Arindam Sil. Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay detective novel will be built in the image. In addition, the accompanying star Jaya Taking ...

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Shakib Khan said Jeet.


The co-production with a lot of pictures with different conditions and remuneration are starring in Kolkata. According to the co-production of Calcutta hero Jeet crore from taking pictures. Such officials said. It is not the super star Shakib Khan also ...

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Ranbir wishes to Hollywood Deepika !


Bollywood blockbuster films in the last five years the number of films starring Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone is less extreme. In particular, the combination ‘Ram Leela’ and the film was released at the end of last year, “one of ...

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Get back the break love story.


Sadek pali and the two are husband and wife. Love and family life over four years to eight years after the two argued about the nuts and bolts of life difficult and bad decisions on the subconscious mind. After so ...

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