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Logitech brought high-speed wireless mouse.


A new mouse technology has caught the attention of experts. Wireless mouse is not new. Logitech’s new wireless gaming mouse, but the mouse than the fastest wired! It is believed that all the time, there is a cable connection that ...

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The new Messenger Basketball Game


Facebook Messenger is also involved in a game. Android and iOS users will be able to play it. Messenger users to the basketball game will be over. Facebook Messenger Emoji Emoji basketball game to find out from the inside. If ...

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Smart Watch gold-plated.


Wearable technology is the core of the famous American designer, Michael had to focus on product design. Her designs first came to market smart. Michael has designed two smart markets. They are powered by Android operating system. This is a ...

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Automotive sports car is coming.


Automotive has created a prototype of a sports car, a company rinaspida. The car race track a bit more than the others will be able to show his abilities. For example, the automotive sports car can take quick decisions. How ...

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Second NASA mission to Mars in 2018


Mars has specified the date of departure of the American space agency NASA. On 5 May 2018, according to NASA’s plans for spacecraft traveling from Earth to Mars. The date of November 6 spacecraft will land on Mars. Seismic investigation ...

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Without Cable satellite TV service, coming in April.


Ltd in April this year, coming on the market Communications Ltd. DTH (Direct-To-Home) Real-view. Setatapa box, elaenabi and small at only 300 a month to buy the package ayantenasaha Bengali channels will continue to enjoy more than 100 channels. This ...

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BMW VISION NEXT 100 review


Germany’s famous¬†their 100 anniversary with a new show concept car. Next 100 new car models. To mark the company’s 100-year anniversary of the car model 100 has been used. The new car has been used by a number of sensors. ...

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That important to know when buying a smartphone


Now is the time smartphone and smart technology. Smart product strategy, except that now the smartphone has become difficult. Each hand is now seen less expensive and more expensive smartphones. However, the smartphone market is good reason to be cautious ...

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Listening to music by watch


During the beginning of the wristwatch mobile phone use was reduced. Smart watch people come back after the invention of the clock hands. From talking to the messaging, listening to music, watching videos, photos or videos that contain health information, ...

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Make coffee with Mobile .


Hand magic wand smartphone talks. With the magic wand electric fan, light on-off, starting from the home oven can be controlled. When the phone is so much to be left out of the coffee but created and why? The coffee ...

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