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Interesting drinks yogurt juice


Thirst, heat, cold drinks can be comfortable like to meet? Many people quite enjoy cold drinks cold on the inside. Moreover, there is no pair of drinks entertain guests. If this is so delicious yogurt drink, but do not have ...

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Make Valentine’s Day Fun hartasepa vegetable cutlet! (Video)


Valentine’s Day to surprise a loved one is planning to have a lot of things cooking. Loved ones Dear indeed any sweet foods. What are some of the spicy cuisine of the day? Heart shapes can create a vegetable cutlet ...

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Strawberry is the easiest way to create muja (recipe and video)


The market has a variety of strawberry dessert made with fruit and has begun already. Strawberry flavor is better, and the strawberries in a food muja. But many omukho muja are not difficult to create. Let’s have a look at ...

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Best taste faluda.


There are very few people who do not like faluda. Faluda yummy flavors can not be compared to the icy cold obsession. Faluda entertain guests quite useful. Members of the breakfast could be a sudden surprise faluda fun than you. ...

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Instant yummy egg bread.


Guest hunger or simply unlocked when suddenly went quite worried about making breakfast. Would be less appetizing snack time again. At that moment the material by hand to create a delicious recipe. So you can learn to make a quick ...

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Chocolate cake in 3-minute.


We all love to eat cake. Many people love to make at home. But the pastry is time-consuming. So if you want to eat, does not eat. He can fill the need. L just 3 minutes, you can create a ...

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Make condensed milk at home.


The simple solution of condensed milk to make milk tea. Meal worms to bring the taste of sweet condensed milk to use. The trust bought the casket was taken to the milk market. But the pure milk, condensed milk with ...

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Another recipe of garlic.


Most of our daily foods, garlic is used. I will share with you a recipe for another type of garlic Garlic rosteda.  Garlic in a large number of washing away the excess, if any shell unbroken 1/4 or 1½-inch cut ...

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Strawberry ice cream

Strawberry ice cream

Large – small, everyone’s favorite ice cream. And if it is home-made, the flavor of the increased manifold. .Let Us assume that such a simple recipe strawberry ice cream recipe – Materials One liter of milk, a cup of sugar, ...

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