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Priyanka in time magazine.


Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra received the Padma Shri award this year. He got the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Best Actress. I found another unique honor. Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of the year took place in Priyanka Chopra. Not ...

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Pustigune filled arabarai


Arabarai ripe sour taste with salt-sour spices, many people like to eat. In addition, the conduct of this fruit, juice, jelly, sauces, etc. are made. Arabaraiyera wine vinegar is used. Leaflet plant in India, Indonesia and Thailand are eaten cooked ...

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In summer which should be take with you.

gie;l summer

The condition can be life under the blazing sun in the summer. Osthagata heat becomes everyone’s life. Like the heat a little relieved, at peace. Some of you must be prepared to deal with the heat, then you can have ...

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Decorate house with flowers.


Everyone likes to organize your home in mind. At the end of the work day, everyone wants a little peace of home. No wonder, then, if your house is neat and orderly. There are a bunch of flowers, a pair ...

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Mustafiz praise by Laxman.


What did you do in the first game bolintai great unknown. Where the mother is eating the other bowlers 6, where he conceded just four overs. AB de Villiers and his sloyarera trapping Watson. The Sunrisers Hyderabad’s bowling has been ...

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Cold coffee recipe


Jurate killed in the heat of the coffee you can drink. Not surprisingly. The coffee is actually hot, cold coffee. I could go to the coffee shop to eat a variety, if you can create at home. Left resipi Ingredients: ...

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Earthquake damage can be prevented with magnets


New technology is coming to save the house from the earthquake. During the development of magnets and motors used in the construction company is going to apply the technique to avoid disaster. As a result, many houses collapsed in the ...

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High quality saffron .


Golden or` Say Say, food taste, flavor, and color does not compare to saffron . The most expensive spice in the world as it is very popular. saffron the extraordinary medicinal properties. Just a pinch of saffron may be released from almost ...

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Prawn Ball Curry.


Loves to eat various dishes made of shrimp and shrimp who, today’s recipe for them. Prawn curry delicious hot rice balls, rice, bread, or can be served wit. However, there are going to learn how to curry prawn balls can ...

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Mint cumin buttermilk.


Sweat and body heat dehydration is caused due to fast moves and fatigue. The body and fatigue may be different flavors of home-made buttermilk mint cumin delicious smell different. Cumin, mint churning body heat as well as cold will stimulate ...

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