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Criminals will continue execution


The barrier, as it will continue to come to the war crimes trial of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed her conviction. Wednesday afternoon, he made the remarks while addressing a discussion League. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Mujib and Bangamata Fazilatunnesa anniversary of the remembrance was held at the city’s khamarabarira agronomist. His 3-minute speech, the Prime Minister on 15 August 1975 after the assassination of Bangabandhu’s killers to be rewarded and BNP founder Ziaur Rahman criticized for distortion of history. Today, young people involved behind the insurgency, he said that there is a distortion effect. Sheikh Hasina said Bangabandhu murder trial and the verdict have effect. Father of the Nation trial began. We were able to do justice and judgment that are effective. It will continue. Those who are living with the pain of losing loved ones, their sorrow, I understand their pain. So, as my parents have justice for the killing, as well as those who lost their near and dear ones, surely they are entitled to justice. We’ll have the judgment. That’s my promise. The barrier, as it comes. “She said, ‘If there is a firm determination, anything can be achieved. The great-great sacrifices in order to achieve the required Bangabandhu. I’m always ready for any sacrifice, for the country, for the people of this country. “The Prime Minister said,” Bangladesh is going ahead, Bangladesh will continue. In this case, I think, a great role chatrasamajerao. Missing will highlight the history again in front of us. Our glorious history, the history of the conquest, we can not ever forget, I can not. Our existence will not be forgotten. The Badr, the members of their hands, we can not be fun. “She said,” Those who carried out the killings pamcattarera Who are they? Who did not want the country’s independence, could not accept the success of Bengalis, some of those attending, shocking acts of the brokers in the country. What have we seen since August 15? The distortion of history. The history of the conquest of the war are trying to remove. Did not know the exact history of this country in a generation. 1 year after the ninety and six-pamcattarera the name of the Father of the Nation was forbidden. March 7 speech did not play. In this speech, the play gives us a BCL leader Chunnu life. Thus, many of the leaders of the Awami League, have given their lives, in adverse conditions, but they are trying to maintain the spirit of Bangabandhu. “He said,” If a nation is to hear distorted the history of their character becomes distorted. The distortion we see in our society. From militancy, terrorism has emerged, which is eating Gnaw society. I’ll say one thing for students, citizens need to develop their own appropriate. But I gave to the students, the paper-pen. After ’75, but we know that talented students Ziaur Rahman had delivered weapons, money. Which leads to distortion. They wanted to destroy the students. Because they know that behind these achievements have contributed to each of the country chatrasamajai. “He said. “The main thing for students to study. Yes, politics will be. Students from the politics of the spirit of independence has been reached. But today we are free. Now, the country will have to build. “She said,” After the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has been 19 coup. Curfew throughout the night. Many claim that they have democracy. Not democracy, the democracy curfew. With martial law, suspended the trial of war criminals ordinance. And those who have fled to Bangladesh from Pakistan ayamasaha the servant brought back to their country. When the war minister. Bangabandhu’s killers to stop the ordinance was issued. The killers were rewarded with jobs in different embassies. The killers said publicly, we have killed Sheikh Mujib, who will judge us. They had challenged the BBC interview. “Fazilatunnesa Begum Mujib, wife of Bangabandhu Sheikh Hasina highlighted the contribution,” The Father of the Nation was holding court in the world would be as a nation. To establish an independent state. The outcome of the struggle for independence. While many storm-storm sayechena the struggle, but he has been working on a specific target. My mother helped him in this work. My mother did not ever publicly, did not campaign. He’s always provided the inspiration from, provided the power. As we have seen so far to fight each case, my mother was always a stronger role. He did not want to do anything in his life. “He said,” After the arrest of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as the six-point my mother had organized the strike on June 7. He is in hiding, and a distant relative burqa Azimpur colony went home. There were student leaders. Mother gave instructions to them. My mother had a keen memory. He then went to the prison with his father Bangabandhu all veterans. What else would you do with the instructions. “She said,” My father was writing a lot. But the mother is not. So I try, as much as I can with words that highlight among the people. How great he has left. If we want to build our country, everyone must be ready at all times for this type of leave. That’s politics. Any political life of the trust’s biggest asset achievement. Greater than nothing. “He said,” When a six-point in 1966, when Bangabandhu was arrested again and again. Each of these meetings, and lectures, he was arrested. Was released, was arrested again. But all the time he was a BCL-garde guidelines. Today, the slogan of the struggle for liberation, the flag, which is independent of, but he chatraligakei to deploying done. I still remember, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave the order to take the field to win the Bengali slogan. Amazon started chanting slogans. What will be the flag of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu BCL gave the directives. He said Japan is the land of the rising sun, white, red, and green land of Bangladesh, in green and red. “She said,” Every student movement in the country and the rights of the nation agrasenani. At the hands of Father of the Nation. Our language movement for freedom, democracy, voting and rice took a leading role in the student movement of each sangramei. Many leaders of Bangladesh Chhatra League sacrifice. Therefore, there is a tradition of BCL. Father of the Nation League history of Bengali history, the history of Bengalis League history. “The Prime Minister said Bangladesh Chhatra League activists,” will focus on studies. To go ahead with the ideology of Bangabandhu. I ask everyone, everyone on the Bangabandhu atmajibanita, it tries to realize. Khatagulo have to collect a lot of trouble because of this. I think everyone will be able to hand over the diary of Bangabandhu. There will be many more chapters. I want students to develop their own tuluka ideology of Bangabandhu. “The discussion was presided over by the president of the League Saifur Rahman Sohag. Badrul Ahsan spoke journalist and general secretary SM Zakir Hossain