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History of the building waiting for the kabali


Built at a cost of 90 million Indian superstar Rajinikanth Featured Actor in film kabali release of the first day in India alone has earned around Rs 4 crore. It was almost an all-time record in the history of Indian cinema. In addition, statistics from the Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood films earn record of the film may be left behind, the first day of release, as did the purbhabasai ‘kabali.
At last estimate is based kathataya materialize. Yes, the first day of the release of the records at the box office superstar gave birth to a southern Indian actor Rajinikanth discussed film kabali. Not only in India, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, America’s image samanatale trade. Looks like the Indian movie industry is expected to surpass the record of Rajinikanth ‘kabali.

Rajinikanth, apte Radhika and acted dhanasika ‘kabali’ ancelera 4000 movie was released in India on Friday. The film was released in 1,000 theaters in different countries around the world. In all, more than five thousand, but the movie was released on the first day of release in India alone has earned around Rs 4 crore. Featured in the newly released Bollywood movie ‘of more than sulatana.

In addition to the worldwide income of 4 million on the first day of release in India on the first day of the film has earned nearly thirteen million rupees. In the meantime, the film earned the biggest in Malaysia. Not only that, Malaysia and the United States this week, all the tickets have been sold already. In all, more than a full week outside India ‘kabali’ income is going to record.

Before the release of the record has earned “kabali. According to the producer of the film managed to earn at least Rs 00 crore. In the meantime, the Hindi version costs around Rs 15 crore, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil narusaha satellite and audio essence almost a hundred and fifty billion rupees of revenue on account of the image.

Ninety million rupees just created “a triumph around kabalira overjoyed ‘kabalira producer. According to him, Rajinikanth ‘kabali “will earn at least Rs 500 crore. Even Bollywood film PK, bajarangi Brother bahubalira record and go beyond the possibility that he was told.

The madness has begun in southern India, Rajinikanth film also like to see. According to the announcement on the first day of release on Rajnikanth movie because some offices were closed. In the past, during the release of the movie night to evade karmacaridera office or from the owner of the class has learned. The picture at night so not just office chutii, paid to the office to see the pictures!