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Nokia’s new Android phone


Nogatacalita latest version of the Android operating system, the Nokia brand phones two new models coming to market soon. These brands are making phone maker Nokia of Finland eicaemadi Tech Global. Nokia’s new smartphones on a variety of IT-related information has been rumored to have been leaked.
China’s information technology-related website gijamo, according to a Nokia phone to another 5 percent two and a half inch to five inches in size. It will display kiueicadi. In addition, the phone will be waterproof. It will be the Snapdragon 820 chipset. The two features of the phone as a fingerprint sensor structure will be.

Both can be found at the beginning of the 017 call.

However, in May this year to allow the use of the brand name Nokia Nokia Global eicaemadi authorities. Nokia will sell the phone company and create the next decade.

Apple and Samsung mobile phone market, Nokia was the top before losing to the state. Nokia’s Windows operating system instead of Android platform chosen was not the best evidence. Later in the Nokia mobile phone section 014 Microsoft 720 million US dollars sold to Nokia authority.