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Rain on the baby’s health


Rain damp weather is not pleasant for anyone. It is even more painful for children. Being sensitive is very easy to get sick. Rain water can reduce the body’s immune grids. So on the day of rain, especially for the baby’s well-being should be.

The roads are often submerged during the rainy season due to continuous rains. These street children in dirty water on the skin infection can be fatal hit. Even the baby’s skin infection may be ripe prickly heat. Child care will be the rainy season, which is why –

– The rainy season is wet skin fungi, and bacteria can attack easily. In the meantime, we need to keep baby’s skin is always dry.

– The child’s body should be washed with clean water rain hit again and the body should be removed as well.

– The child should be kept clean always in season. Because the accumulation of dirt on the skin itch jaliyabaspajanita weather-pamcarasaha different types of infections can be easily.

– During the rainy season, children must go to school, raincoat, umbrella, gamabuta be used. Body mud, dirty water, but it must be washed with clean water.

– Open and clean environment, children should be playing.

– Children sweated in the heat of the baby skin, baby powder can be used.

– Fruit and water in the rainy season, children foods high in vitamin C will be fed. The child will sleep well enough.

– Children should be kept clean place to live and play. Every week, the baby’s hands, feet, nails should be cut. Keep in mind that there are no fingerprints on the sidelines of the fungus birth is not clogged. The most important of the season, keeping clean