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Cultivation of vegetables on Mars


Science fiction film “The marasiyane ‘famous Hollywood actor Matt Damon Mars potato cultivation in order to survive the Martian soil. Many saw it and thought it would be like the taste of the potato? A group of scientists in the Netherlands have gathered to answer this question. Martian dust they cultivated vegetables.

Business inasaidarera a report on Thursday, a group of researchers at the University of oyageninajena announced, on the ground of Mars over the last two years has been the production of vegetables and grain that is safe and suitable for human consumption.

Although the cultivation of vegetables is not Mars. The red clay soil of Mars, scientists have created artificial imitation of the right ingredients. There is sufficient value, pulses, corn and tomatoes are grown. Alternatively, there are several kinds of vegetables.

Mueller from June 9 through the taste test will start in the vegetable taste test and compare the difference in the world to the ground. Researchers asabadi it too.

Many space scientists and technicians in the world by 2025 to build a human settlement on Mars. Space-X’s chief executive Elon Musk said his mask. He is good in this study will be more human mission to Mars.