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Shrimp will be released from the deadly disease!


The reports of serious health issues 10 types of shrimp to the release. While the shrimp is not an insect. Yet we do not recognize it as shrimp. Those who do not like to eat fish, shrimp, they’re quite fun to eat. Like a lot of food for everyone shrimp.
But do you know? Not only sbadai the extraordinary health benefits of shrimp. About 10 types of shrimp eating habits may be released from physical problem. However, stay away from those who are allergic to fish shrimp.
Prevent Cancer
About 57% of the shrimping is selenium. Selenium can be found just 100 grams a lot of shrimp. According to the Institute of Food Research Scholars, the body of selenium prevents the formation of cancer cells is also provided. The shrimping with selenium broccoli, patakapi, cauliflower mix salaphorapheinera reinforces this resistance.
Anemia away
Our body needs vitamin B-1 of the shrimp to remove about 5%. That is, the growth of red blood cells in the body and helps in blood hemoglobin levels. The anemia is eliminated.
Physical weakness spend
Many of whom suffer from various weaknesses in the physical body, is responsible for iron deficiency. Our body needs iron, 17% of shrimp and energy supply. The physical weakness can be cut.
To prevent bone loss
There are nearly 14% of the phosphorus in the shrimping. Phasasarasera body, which meets the needs of shrimp eating habits and prevent bone loss especially helps to strengthen bones.
Helps to reduce fat
First and foremost, because our body fat to fat deposit. About 13% of the niacin, which include fish, shrimp fat, carbohydrate and protein changes in energy and fat accumulation in the body prevented.
Sadness away
Only 100 grams of fish and shrimp has about 347 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. According to the researchers, the omega 3 fatty acids in the brain, which produces seretenina particularly helpful to relieve sadness.
Protects against Urinary problems
Study, zinc bladder-related diseases, and to protect us from infection. Even protect from prostate cancer. Shrimping village of 100 mg of zinc, which is found in 10-15 confirms the soundness of our prostate.
Remove thyroid problems
Shrimping in the thyroid gland to increase performance approximately 10% copper and helps keep the thyroid hormone levels.
Protects from diabetes
Shrimps 8% magnesium. The study found, magnesium protects the body from type II diabetes. And helps to keep blood sugar levels under control.
Skin, hair and nail to protect
Shrimp about 4% of our body needs is protein. Our skin, hair and nail to protect the work. And if they do not meet the needs of this protein product with an expensive band of skin, hair and nails protection is not possible.