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Mahi-Shaon negotiations finally!

43Popular actress Mahi mahiya ebantara claimant’s husband finally came to an agreement Shahriar Islam Shaon in the family. Mahi Sunday at Uttara Sector-9 in the presence of the families of the 300 dollar agreement was signed this document. Mahi agreement was signed by Abu Bakr’s father and father Nazrul Islam Shaon. Abul Hashem and younger uncle great uncle was witnessed Shaon Mahmud Hasan. Mahi will withdraw its case, according to the agreement. This letter of agreement is what is more, Mahi will withdraw the case against Shaon. On the other hand Shaon get out of jail, and Mahi Mahi will not be able to file a lawsuit against any loss, any behavior that can not be referred to an agreement. However, on June 16. Shaon is expected to apply for bail. The agreement is expected to send a document before the court. In addition, further said that the withdrawal of the case after getting bail Mahi and Shaon a press conference on the matter. The press conference was officially about the case and talk about Shaon. Earlier on May 5 on May 7 after marriage, a friend Shaon Mahi with some of his pictures were spread on Facebook and several online niujaportala. Mahi mahiya day Uttara Police Station filed a lawsuit against the IT Act Shaon. Shaon was arrested by police two days later. Shaon was brought to remand court on May 31. Last day of his wedding, and the Mahi Kabinanama submitted to the court. Shaon mahamanya the remand and bail court sent him to jail.