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Android phone root advantages.

Android phone root advantages and disadvantages.Increase performance:  

Using variety of applications  in device’s and it create unused  files,temporarily  files etc ,on a regular basis to remove the phone to keep fast.

Over Clocking:
It make CPU speed even more quickly to work as normal. Through the use of a particular processor speed can be done if necessary.

Under cloaking:
When the device is in proximity, the CPU does not work so wasteful that reduced capacity for work. It is possible to increase the battery backup.

Custom UI:
Your device’s home screen, lock screen, menu and user interface designs etc. might not like it after a while. When you are able to bring new innovation to the device via the custom user interface. In other words, these are called ram.

Custom ROM:
To install facility. Many developers create several popular custom ROM for the device. You can install this ROM on your set can form a completely new set. From the outside of the fin-fin does not grow or 8-megapixel camera will be 5 megapixels, but the inside will be a radical change in design and sector performance.