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How to get rid of eye allergies.

care of eyeAnd earth during this time due to the excessive heat may cause eye allergies. Therefore, at this time every eye will be more careful. All organs of the body inside the eye is most sensitive to. Sometimes a little undernourished due to negligence or sight can be lost forever! So let’s assume that, ways to avoid eye allergies

1. Do not spend too much time in front of TV or computer.

2. Be careful not to use contact lenses.

3. Go out and earth to survive the dry season when the nose-eye sunglasses and a face mask to use.

4. Eye will immediately washed with cold water.

5. Note beef, shrimp, egg dishes national no reason if you are allergic to.

6. If any of the animals to be careful of his hairy pet at home.

7. Room carpet to be cleaned regularly.