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Roast chicken

Roast chickenRoast chicken, which would create
Two kilograms of chicken (cut into medium pieces), onion julienne strips the cup, divide 1 cup onion, ginger divide the table spoon, divide half table spoon garlic, turmeric powder, teaspoon, half teaspoon chili powder, coriander powder and half a teaspoon , divide 1 tablespoon mustard, 1 teaspoon poppy divide, bay leaf 3 T, T chili 7-8, salt, 1 cup of oil.

It will take more to spice fried (fry pan and simmer on a powder to be made, can not be too much fried, then it will be bitter)
1 tablespoon cumin, cardamom 3-4, cinnamon 3, jayetri a few pieces, 1 teaspoon fennel, fenugreek 1 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon cubeb, a little nutmeg.

A bowl of fried meat with spices on the first half of the divide 1 cup onion, two tablespoons of ginger divide, divide half tablespoon garlic, teaspoon turmeric powder, pepper teaspoon, half teaspoon coriander powder, mustard divide 1 table spoon, divide 1 teaspoon of poppy seed, bay leaf 3 seats, well smeared with salt Keep 1 hour. Now purl red onion with oil take. The meat must with it. Inflict a small amount of meat in the water. The meat was cooked the chili and the rest of the half fried dough covered with spices shifting low heat and cook the meat, it means it is also 0 minutes up the oil. The rice bread, meat, boiled rice, with great accumulation.