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Mathematics will help cure disease

mathThe amount of cure! Yes reading. I counted the considerable sums of Table compactly be called a disease, severity of disease, and how quickly, how much more the body will take care of her. A recent study came up with this information. Even a person’s body auto-immune disease (where the body’s own against) the possibility can be found with the help of the mathematical test.

How important cells in the body to fight against disease, or what kind of work Codes allow researchers to learn it with the help of a computer model of the mathematical approach (ie, the whole thing with the help of computer calculations) does have a way out.

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia, Julia According to the researchers, with the help of this process, we are the first time the body resistance (auto-immune) will be able to think about ahead of time.

Even if you lose a lot of the body’s normal immune cells to destroy. One type of fruit. This type of sensing or in some cases cure the disease in the mathematical method, the researchers hope to be bearing.