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Sofeda quality.

sofadaVery simple, but very interesting to see the result is a corn meal. Liver brown color when the fruit is round, there is no way to understand the quality of the fruit. It will not work unless you give the face a. Afraid of fat, while those who like to eat sweets, keeping them informed, Sofeda fruit at all. So who do you like sweet corn meal they can eat freely.

Sofeda tree evergreen trees. Although it is known as the original home of our local fruits in the southern part of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean region. mangrove eco-region naturally in coastal areas of the plant thrived. It was in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. Spread the corn meal from there. Mexico, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan to produce corn meal is widespread.

Sofeda trees are very tall. This is higher than 30 meters or can be. Lots of bark streak of white glue, which is known as `. At one time it was the raw material of gum streak. Medium-sized leaf, green and shiny.

There are many medicinal properties corn meal. For example –

1) helps prevent loss of body cells.
Ii) playing regular corn meal can reduce the problem of frequent cold.
3) To remove the corn meal sahayada impression that skin ages.
4) To reduce the weight of the body on a regular basis can eat corn meal.
5) helps to alleviate shortness of breath and keeps the lungs.
6) corn meal seed extract helps cure kidney disease.
7) There are plenty of saphedaya khadyaamsa kosthakathinya which helps remove and digestion.
8) semi-enhanced corn meal with water, diarrhea is like playing out streak.
9) Vitamins A and C, there are plenty of saphedaya. Corn meal can be played on a regular basis to prevent cancer of the mouth and teeth is good.
10) saphedaya ripe plenty of potassium, copper, pholeta and niacin.

Khadyayogya part per 100 grams of corn meal –

Khadyasakti 83 kcal
Carbohydrates 19.96 g
0.44 grams of protein
Magnesium 0.0 mg of vitamin B
02 mg of vitamin B-3
0252 milligrams of vitamin B-5
0.037 milligrams of vitamin B6
Follett 14 IUT
14.7 milligrams of vitamin C.
1 mg calcium
Iron 0.8 mg
1 mg of magnesium
1 mg phosphorus
193 mg potassium
1 mg sodium
0.1 mg zinc