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5 foods to get rid of hair fall

cuteNutritious food to get rid of the hair fall problem. So to learn more about the five dishes, which keeps the hair strong from the beginning, and from hair fall problem bamcaya

Eggs are full of vitamins for hair growth and health Bayotina and very good. The intake of olive oil mixed with Dean, as well as hair may apply. Take four spoons of olive oil mixed with two eggs. Apply the paste mixed in thin hair. It will strengthen the hair roots and the hair will fall off.

Spinach is an important source of iron and. help it grow hair. as well as helping to create red blood cells. The oxygen enters the hair. For this reason, try to keep the green menu feathers.

Red, yellow and green kyapasikame have plenty of vitamin C. It is very important for hair health. Vitamin C helps the Red rakana kanikateo larate iron levels. Sean coarseness of hair as a result of vitamin deficiency and hair rose and fell quickly.

Musura peas
Tofu, soy and pea niramisasidera an important source of iron and pretinera. All the food is very important for the health of the hair.

Sweet potato
Sweet potato is rich in vitamin A and beta most useful for hair growth. Also carrots and large amounts of beta carotene.