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Why men put large nails in the hands ?

nailOne man found a lot of finger-long nails. But why they are one of the fingers of one hand what it has long nails, you know?

Many people think that if they take drugs like cocaine, they played such a big nail. Available in powder form of cocaine, as a result of the little finger nail without large amount of cocaine into it can be inhaled drag. But many of the little finger, has long nails, they do all the hipster? Certainly not. Many folks, maybe thinking ear benefit is the long nails. In fact, the real reason of having long nails. There’s another story behind.

History can be seen in the Indian continent, the ancient people of the upper class and upper class of their own identity as a sign of hands had nails. If you work long nails can be difficult, but very natural. So long nails used to hold the little finger, because when this work is to use the lowest anulatii. Subsequently, the administrative heads of the working class in order to distinguish themselves from the little finger nails had large.

The man spoke little finger nail length these days, they are considered to be doing this ritirai legacy. And so today the real people laboring in the circulation patterns that can not be done.