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Yogurt may increase your weight.

doiThe figure is more or less everybody is craving to diet. The yogurt is very popular with lovers of their diet. Doubt it is just playing it again, Sheen leads to the skin. But many may not know that excessive weight eating yogurt is not overturned your body after a few days you will not be able to recognize itself.

Look kyalorite
Weight control, low-fat yogurt everyone’s first choice. And it has very low levels of the protein. But our need for protein in the body can not be denied. If a packet of low-fat daite 100 calories with 6 grams of protein, only if the body is not a benefit. In fact, the calories to lose weight is to keep watch with the other.

Eat more vegetables
Yogurt consumption is likely to weight, but playing more counterproductive. The weight will be gradually upwards. So the body needs every day in moderation Eat yogurt.

Yogurt mixed with something else
Many people like to eat yogurt mixed with something. Let the yogurt that the more diet-lik, a bunch of sweet yogurt or yogurt mixed with fresh fruit or dry food panic isolated Fruits. This is all the noise. Yogurt mixed with fruit acidity is likely to play. Needless to say, the chances of weight gain and increased manifold.

Eating Fat Free Yogurt
While the presence of small amounts of sugar because of Dairy Products in stock daite. And in order to increase the sweetness daite packet is mixed with excess sweets. So take a look at when buying a packet of yogurt and sugar levels of 18 or less do not have the materials do not have the first name of sugar! If you do not buy it back here. The protein is important to take a look at dose.

Jejarte yogurt
Yogurt parlor to make delicious and attractive for a lot of time on the sort of chocolate sauce,, sweet fruit, honey, ice cream or cream are offered. If you like to eat or to see which side of the body is not right at all. And the joy of eating yogurt Eating Yogurt more than 342634 in the field of the dream will die without leaving a trace. Find a better home than to eat yogurt.