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Sajal-Mahi Romance.

mahiThe pair are now tied with the evidence Sajal film actor best actress Mahi mahiya it old news. News that the two stars of the new film “harajit” first look poster has been revealed. There has been exciting Mahi-Sajal romance.

Badiul Alam Khokon has recently directed the premiere of the film. Is currently recording songs. The film will start shooting soon.

Opened his mouth overflowing with new posters. He said Jago News, the film immediately after the contract is part of a phatosute niyechiloma. It was actually the work of a niriksamulaka. Mahi and I wanted to see everyone together in the same looks. Since the release of the pictures on the great feedback in the form of posters. Praise be to do well in this movie will inspire. “

Badiul Alam told kiddie talented filmmaker, the film story of the conflict between love and descending. In the film, dance, music, phaita will have everything. It will play a more tears mingle with the merchant-Mahi, Aruna Biswas and others.