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Lipstick reduces intelligence.

lipLipstick is an essential part of women’s. There is no pair of lipstick to enhance the beauty of your lips. No matter no matter how Cosmetics, remained unfulfilled as without lipstick.

But be careful about using lipstick has become urgent. For the study, the women use lipstick intelligence can be reduced.

Researchers at the University of California conducted the research with lip coloring product. Their research findings were recently published in environmental journal Environmental Health parasapekatibhe.

Twenty-two young men and 1 in Auckland lipaglasa lipstick brands are collected in the study.

Studies have lipastike lead to harmful; Human intelligence, could have a negative impact on the behavior and learning abilities. 1 of the two brands in the presence of lead found in the lipsticks and lipaglase.

The researchers said the lipastike very low levels of lead are used; But a small amount of lead can have a negative impact on human intelligence and behavior.

It is also a bad influence on mental status. Garbhabatira lead, especially when used in lipstick bad influence on children born to wear.

010 of the United States’ Food and Drug ayadaministresana lipastike study found high levels of lead. Lipastike much less than the previous amount was used in the lead researchers, said.

The researchers said the lipstick or lipaglasa should know before using the material as well.