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7 important work to prevent asthma

asthmaPeople with asthma or asthma to be well aware of the whole year. The prevalence of asthma increased dust and other things away from them if asthma patients are quite healthy. But early winter requires special precautions. Because. This time the weather was very dry and dust is more. However, let’s take a look at the beginning of winter to prevent asthma, it’s important to do that.

1) Try to reduce domestic mites, bacteria. Wash clothes to dry in the sun on a regular basis. Now the sun quilt blanket, quilt, mattress with it. At least once a week and bed sheets, pillow coverings day in the sun.

2) the time of the bedroom pillow cover with a clean soft cloth. Room carpet, remove mats. Otherwise, these will remain stuck in the dust.

3) Make frequent warm water or normal water. It will thin mucus from the airways. This will reduce cough, shortness of breath decrease.

4) If possible, please clean the whole house vacuum at least 1 week. Door and window screens, mosquito nets will also regularly wash and dry sun.

5) skin allergy test out some of the allergens that occur in your body and stay away from those things.

6) Keep it clean always. And increased incidence of asthma and allergens such thing away houses. Dor house dust wiped off the place.

7) during the movement of the mask and consult a doctor, use medications on a regular basis, according to Khan.