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Some beneficial use of sugar.

sugerStealing sugar intake in childhood and remember that to be able to read somebody smile. For the sweet taste of sugar is too alluring to children. Its widely used to prepare any meal sweet. sugar in the body known as the materials meet. In addition to food products, but other times sugar is beneficial. If you know you can get used to the benefit itself. Today, let us know, do something unusual about using different sugars.

Practice skin

Scrub to remove dead skin cells as well as natural sugar, is very beneficial. Mix together the sugar and lemon juice to brighten the skin and massage wash well. The skin will be soft and bright, and dead skin cells will be removed.

Wash hands

Just hand soap to remove the smell of food after eating difficult. You can use sugar to solve the problem. Liquid soap, sugar and olive oil will be mixed with the smell of washed hands. Hand helps the skin become soft and smooth.

Keeps fresh flowers

Sarkarasamrddha sugar not only provides nutrients the human body, it helps to keep the flowers alive. Three tablespoons of sugar and a bottle of water mixed with two tablespoons of vinegar to the mix. Then sprinkle flowers on the day. Sugar and vinegar to keep flowers fresh flowers will destroy bacteria.

Blender purged

Coffee Maker, Maker of any stain sugar juice is quite effective. Blendare a cup of sugar to blend without water. Then wash it with water. See, the stain will be gone. It easily extracts phlakserao purged. One teaspoon of sugar better to turn off the face of the flux. A few hours later, shaking wash well. Flux tea stains can be removed in one moment.

The crunchy biscuit

Jar of cookies in the jar with sugar cubes, close to the mouth of the well. It will be the crunchy biscuits. Thus, bread, cakes, and even can cijao.

Stain fabric

It took a lot of cloth on the stain does not want to get up. In the case of hot water mixed with sugar mix on the margins of an hour of the day. Then wash it with detergent. See, fabric stain will be gone.

Ink stain

It took a lot of cars on the work of the stain. The stain did not want to go easily. well mixed with sugar rub and wash hands. Hand stain will be gone in a moment.