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Solve everyday chores problems in simple way.

dailyTips for daily activities typically associated disturbance. If you do not know the remedy solution is to give up hope. But the strategy is much easier to solve problems. Let’s take a quick look at some of the techniques of smart solutions to some uncomfortable.

Cloth chewing gum bubble

When you take a chewing gum bubble cloth is very difficult to build. If the intelligence will easily glue. Keep in refrigerator for one hour glue cloth. Just pull it out of the fridge can gum up. Although you can easily gum up again in hot water.

Onion tears jhamjhe

There are more or less all the experience in tears when cutting onions. Chewing gum while cutting onions can cibate, eyes will not water.

Quickly boiled potatoes

It takes a little more time to do more or less boiled potatoes. If you do not have much time to cook the potatoes were the side shell. Soon it will be boiled potatoes.

Stain clothes

Ink stained cloth is very embarrassing to go. The stain of your choice to make skirts to put toothpaste. When completely dry wash. You can see the spots disappear.