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How much sleep you need at an early age.

sleepingMany teen suffer from sleep problems. But exactly how much sleep you need them? Why are they less sleep? Let us know. Many people think that young people because of their mental instability is more than a little bit of sleep or sleep takes time to come. Actual events differently. In fact, since our brains are, a hormone secretory.

These hormones may influence our sleep. This hormone secretory during the day or in the case of older children, and adolescents are in a couple of hours later. As a result of their sleep at night, it takes time to come. It is ultimately reduce their sleep time. And if you do not sleep enough sleep during the day may come, as well as mental fatigue.

In general, a man in his adolescence and from 9 am to 9 hours of sleep is needed. 7 hours sleep a day, but most from teens. When you need to keep an eye on some sleep enough sleep. Sleep disturbance does not occur, so no need to it. At certain times we need to develop the habit of going to bed. During the weekend to make up for lost sleep, lack of sleep is a trend that many teen teens, doctors are saying it is not at all healthy habits.