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Litchi nutritional value.

liciThere is no one who does not like to eat litchi. Almost everyone has a choice of litchi fruit. This popular summer fruit. Litchi flavors unique smell. For example see the beautiful, so full of. As a result of this there are plenty of tasty calcium and vitamin ‘C’.

Litchi large amounts of calories, which helps sustain us. Litchi  carbohydrates and fiber digestion is a great way to help. Litchi the calcium in our bones, teeth, hair, skin, nails are good.

Litchi niacin and riboflavin in the vitamin B complex in the body burning, weakness away. Protects the body from the harmful rays of intense litchi. Vitamin C also Litchi , sore tongue, tongue and skin were taken to prevent the disease.

Litchi leaves some medicinal qualities. Litchi juice of the leaves is like the use of insects bites. Litchi pox young children are used as medicines. Cough, stomach ache, litchi effective to suppress tumors.


Litchi supply of calcium in the body is very beneficial to the women manopoja. Litchi beta-unsaturated fatty acids in the body helps kyarotinasaha exploiting the necessary vitamins.

However, some caution should be eating litchi. Children need to peel and eat to be measured. Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure also have to eat less sweet litchi.