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Various use of toothpaste.

pasteDo not leave us a day without toothpaste. Cleaning your teeth with toothpaste wake up can not be anything other than a brother. In addition to primary medical services ranging from cleaning the teeth of the house is also used in toothpaste. Check mosquitoes or other insect bites when used in toothpaste Community scratchy or burning the skin.

Moment toothpaste rubbed the affected area and reduce itching. Carpets or clothes stained with food when they rub a little toothpaste on the brush set. Then gently remove soaked clothes soaked. Spice stained carpets and clothes to toothpaste does not pair. Many hands were burned while cooking or blob of oil fell on. Put toothpaste affected area. can be reduced and not be afraid to blisters.

When you put the toothpaste fingernails stained with turmeric when cooking with a smudge brush. can leave nails. Toothpaste is quite beneficial for the skin. Put it on the night of toothpaste on acne destroy bacteria and stagnant accumulation toothpaste dry out, does not cause skin infections. The of old silver to raise the effective toothpaste.

Rub toothpaste with toothbrush set. Then wash it with water. When you take an ugly stain put the toothpaste, rub with a wet cloth to remove. Furniture rub with a wet cloth to remove spots, but the toothpaste set.
Definitions of moment
a very brief period of time.
she was silent for a moment before replying
synonyms: little while, short time, bit, minute, instant, second, split second, sec
the issues were of little moment to the electorate
synonyms: importance, import, significance, consequence, note, weight, concern, interest
a turning effect produced by a force acting at a distance on an object.
The team used samarium, an element whose spin and orbital moments are opposite and vary with temperature.
a quantity that expresses the average or expected value of the first, second, third, or fourth power of the deviation of each component of a frequency distribution from some given value, typically mean or zero. The first moment is the mean, the second moment the variance, the third moment the skew, and the fourth moment the kurtosis.
It follows from substitution and rearrangement that the expected value of the second moment of y about x is [(1 / k) + F ST].
See also
at the moment, one moment, from this moment, at this moment, a moment, for the moment, the moment, in this moment, for a moment, not at the moment
Translations of moment
moment, jiffy, jiff, trice, eyewink, shake
moment, jiffy, jiff, instant, trice, eyewink
importance, gravity, weight, worth, consideration, moment
moment, flash, eyewink, instant
hour, moment, bell, gong, clock
twinkle, wink, moment, trice
moment, instant
এক ক্ষণ
moment, twinkling
twinkling, instant, moment, trice
moment, twinkling, instant, trice
twink, moment
moment, time
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