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Google Translate app will now work in offline

google trnsGoogle Translate app to learn foreign language vocabulary can not be compared. However, it has some limitations. Without the constant Internet connection as the user was in jeopardy. However, the good news for users of the app brings Google. According to a report by NDTV.

The Google Translate app, tap-to-translate feature has been added. The iOS operating system, users can use it offline. However, Android users can already take advantage of.

Google Now on iOS to avoid the problem of Internet users have access to the service they are offline. This will be the most tourists.

Just do not use the app offline, as well as new technology has been added. From now on, users of different languages to translate the written word, or words, you can take photos.

Google said the feature they added in 103 languages. It can also be used in the next version of Android 42 Jelly Bean or Android device.

However, all offline every 103 will not work. Google has been able to work offline is currently 5 other languages. In addition, the Chinese language has been emphasized.