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Yoga Tips.

execriseWe have our own health, wellness and much more conscious about the beautiful figure. We know that there is no alternative to regular exercise for good health. The hectic our lives are so entangled that it is difficult to find time just reading.

Many people do not get the opportunity to exercise in the morning for the office. Evening through the night to return to the office. … How much exercise do not have time to go home again. That is to say, a little bit of time to find out, but if you stay healthy.
How? Take note:

Many people got up and sat on the bed and started to exercise. During heavy exercise, however, is not. Exercising enough energy for the body should be
If lack of time, half an hour after waking up in the morning, light jogging or to work
After waking up a few hours after breakfast the fresh exercise
Can not remember to never exercise on an empty stomach

After lunch, the afternoon is the best time to exercise. This means that after 6 hours and 1 hour after waking up
There are plans for heavy exercise during the daytime, choose one
After lunch at the Walk from light.

Aasuna walking a little way on his way home
I note that at 1 km walk 10 minutes to go
You can exercise in the evening. In that case, of course, but before exercising to relax. Feeling tired and do not have time to exercise.
The most suitable time for yoga in the evening.
In the meantime, you can make a treadmill or cycling

The desire to go to the gym to exercise, do not have the time and ability. And so the house can be to learn some mild exercise.

Stand up straight with your hands at the back of the legs hold up.

Thus, besides keeping one foot for 10 seconds Raise legs.

Thus, 0 times per day 3 times per foot to take a break after 30 seconds.

Stand up straight with hands behind neck bent downward to come, yatodura possible.

Thus, 10 times.

The two stood head and right hand, left hip, left, in front and behind the bar Rotate 1.

With both hands behind your head straight to bed, try growing up, do not fold foot note.

Thus, 8 times.

Keep in mind that yoga is something any time.

Exercise and eat something in the morning light.

Wear comfortable clothing during exercise.

Do not exercise too hard the first time. Gradually increase the time of exercise.

Exercise books and CDs are available. They can be seen.

Regular exercise for a while. Stay healthy body and mind.
The ability to do physical exercise and age, all types of back pain or shortness of breath if you can not exercise. After deciding to start the exercise, expert advice and living foods, such as to comply with the proper procedures.