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Know the Health Benefits of Bell.

bellBell Wood apple, apple Bengal Queens of the Stone called. Bell plant native trees in Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, Fiji, etc. are grown in the country. Bell tree is a symbol of purity for Hindus. They believe Lord Shiva Bell tree habitat. Bell fruit they use in religious rituals. Bell tree grown both in the hills and plains.

Bell fruit is smooth and thick and strong, and there fell of wood. Bell tree fruit maturity takes 11 months. Like the size of a large grapefruit or may be even greater. Bell inner part is yellow and scaly. Bell is the sweet taste of fresh juice. Bell is well-known for the quality of the medicinal fruit. Let’s assume that the health benefits of this fruit adultery.

1. Diarrhea, cholera and diarrhea because it is a hemorrhoid cure karebela tannins in the fruit and helps to cure cholera. Bell Fruit dry powder helps cure chronic diarrhea. Bell extract raw bhitiligo cure haemorrhoids and effective role. Ear and eye problems, and helps to cure anemia. In ancient times, yellow and green bell powder mixed with ghee was used for healing broken bones.

II. Gastric ulcer, gastric ulcer kamayabelera antioxidant that helps to fight against the gyastrodiudenala ulcers. This kind of imbalance is for ulcer stomach acid.

3. Karebela leaf herbal extract is carried out quality control of cholesterol in the blood can be used to control cholesterol levels.

4. Pareayajama to resolve respiratory problems and respiratory problems such as cold oil can be used to Bale. Bell scalp oil before bathing in cold grids can be prevented.

5. Karebelera juice and butter help cure heart disease helps to cure heart disease. Treatment of stroke and heart attack bell fruit was used.

Bell is the best natural ingredients to get rid of constipation. Also helps prevent diabetes, help prevent various kinds of infections, inflammation of a variety of anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce material.

Warning: You should not eat ripe apple on a regular basis. Bell plays every summer because of numbness or normal elasticity decreases intestinal and stomach cramps can be a problem. Bell should not eat ripe once more.