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Various quality of brinjal

benjalWho says there is no quality or eggplant! This concept has changed radically in several recent studies. A recent study eggplant weight loss attributes have been mentioned.

The researchers say these vegetables in our diet to him often. However, to protect the health or weight loss are seen when the subject is not. The 100 grams of purple, is only 5 calories. the eggplant is a vegetable. So I had eaten a lot of weight gain possibility of eggplant almost non-existent!

There are also plenty of purple, vitamin B, vitamin B-Six, riboflavin, and thiamin nayasina. These are our bodies ‘metabolism’ is active. As a result of the accumulation of fat in the body and can not digest food well.

If you do not issue a lot more because of allergies eggplant can be eaten on a regular basis –

Heart protector:
Eggplant purple color due to phaitokemikyala ayanthosayaninasa which looks so nice. But it’s also maintenance of our hearts. The amount is more than the amount of potassium and sodium, purple is much less. Which helps control blood pressure. The chlorogenic acid is suppressed for the body of harmful cholesterol and purple.

Cancer cure:
Ayanthosayaninasa and chlorogenic acid is effective in cancer treatment.

Diabetes Prevention:
Purple high levels of soluble fiber and low amounts of sugar as a result of the prevention of diabetes may also play a role in eggplant.

Increased disease resistance:
Brinjal is an alkaline food. Acid and alkaline balance in the digestive system and immune system is activated.

The correct method of cooking eggplant:
Pustibijnanira reports, only the eggplant will not be playing, this is the right way to cook vegetables will be out
Peel eggplant talented as:
Eggplant skin fiber, potassium, magnesium, and is full of antioxidants. The free ions in the phinolasa scavengers, who are the cause of countless diseases.
Bhajale properties is wasted:
Bhajale brinjal, it absorbs all the oil, the oil can increase the amount of food, if you eat potatoes, eggplant, eggplant, eggplant in olive oil in small frying caccari or is not any comparison. Similar beneficial mashed eggplant.