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Rajinikanth new film made record in teaser ! (Video)

kabaliSouth Indian films ‘god’ fame actor Rajinikanth. This means nityunatuna the surprise superstar. Recently released its new movie teaser kabalira.

Rajinikanth tijaratite 65-year-old has been published in the role of Action. Getape favorite star getting the spirit of the fans could be seen. So, kabalira tijaratio record has been considerable.

Video sharing site YouTube will be published on April 30 Rajnikanth ‘teaser kabalira. And only 6 days after the release of a total of 10 million video views. 1 million visitors so far has seen the video. Any film which is a short teaser at the Asian record to see more often.

Before the release of the response of the audience to see the picture shows how much space the audience throughout the south, this is still a superstar. As well as the potential success of this movie is going to be spared.

If everything goes well will be released on December 7 Rajinikanth ‘kabiali.