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Makeup in short time.

Busy at the current time is in the hands of a lot of time to myself. Yet many of our needs are going out. So if you want to get out of the orderly. But being able to keep themselves very quickly if the technique can be learned, then it will not be messy. You can be absolutely a short time.

If you do not have time for mascara, eye to eye on a little drop of water in a day. It works great. Your eyes much thicker, black and beautiful look.

But did not have the time to keep themselves in the eyes of some. If the lipstick with your finger and put a little lipstick smudge Take eyelids.

Whose day is to go outside, they can put Veselin eyelids. It will spread the light of the eyelids.

Take your lips before applying lipstick Foundation. It’s the color of lipstick during the day will be fine.

If you put it on acne and acne bhesalina reduce red coloring. The skin will look fresh.

Well, baby hair before going outside Refer to a pinch. This will increase the brightness of the hair.

Bhesalina and light pink mixed with the Foundation lipaglasa nuda remove the lipstick itself, which is present.

When Sharpe heat rush through it, broke a lot of time. Place in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes before Sharp heat. It’s time to heat Sharp.

If you do not use the time to wash hair oil, baby powder, the oil will be removed.