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Beximco wireless Dish: 300 takas 105 TV channels!

Direct-to-Home Connection (DTH) Real-view for the first time in the history of the country Ltd launches Wireless Communications Ltd, Dish antenna cable. With only 300 rupees per month customers can watch 105 channels.

Manager Communications Ltd Noor Khan iv Tazrian, Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong divisions ayantenanatuna this dish is available in a wireless cable TV service to enjoy the real view of the customer to purchase set-top box and dish antenna.

The price is 4 thousand 499 rupees. Bhyatatini 15 percent remains with the purchase of set-top box, since customers will receive a two-year service. In addition, the installation of the facility itself will provide customers with all facilities. Khan said thakacheitajariyana day 4 hours customer care facilities, payment arrangements have been made for the convenience of the customers.

DTH subscribers from their respective position scratch cards, mobile banking, development, siorakyasa DBBL, you can pay by UCash etc. You can also pay by bank card, the official said.