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Eating habits to ensure healthy heart.

Understand heart attack symptoms a month ago.Experts say, is the heart of the Mediterranean region, to follow healthy eating habits. As well as significantly reduce the chances of heart disease.

However, this diet is truly beneficial? According to a website about health.

Experts showed that the traditional Mediterranean diet is helpful to reduce the risk of heart disease. In a study of more than 1.5 million healthy praptabayasidera has to follow this diet with cancer, heart disease as well as diseases alajaimarasa parkinasanasa and has the potential reduction.

The abundance of fresh food over processed the khadyabhyase gentle. Spices and pepper instead of salt is used. Syacureiteda less fat and sugar diet that is beneficial for the heart.

The emphasis should be fresh fruits, vegetables, whole-grain, bean, etc.. The habit of eating foods rich in nutrients and fiber are made. These foods are low in protein and fat syacureiteda.

Cheese or yogurt can be eaten on a regular basis. However, egg, fish and meat to be eaten twice a week.

Such strategies dishes Mediterranean region:

– Should be used instead of butter and marjarinera healthy oil. Such as olive oil.

– To increase the amount of vegetables to eat.

– Whole-Grain Bread, pasta, rice and other food to eat sasyajatiya.

– To eat a lot of fish and seafood instead of meat.

– Processed snacks instead of eating nuts, seeds, low-fat cheese or dairy foods should be eaten as snacks.

– To eat fruit dessert.