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Earthquake damage can be prevented with magnets

earthNew technology is coming to save the house from the earthquake. During the development of magnets and motors used in the construction company is going to apply the technique to avoid disaster.

As a result, many houses collapsed in the earthquake, is a huge loss. To apply the new technology to protect them from such accidents are construction companies’ arksa Pax. Agencies have been published in the latest report, many buildings collapsed during the tremor, the new technology will not damage the house. As a result of the use of a large magnet to create a home in the earthquake shaking the ground to avoid his touch.

On behalf of the company has been notified, in addition to new construction technology using a large magnet to hover engine. In addition, the foundation will create a special earthquake resistant. Not only that, to predict earthquakes’ Shake Alert software has been known to be taken.

The University of California at Berkeley, the California Institute of Technology, the University of Washington and the management of the physical network by using the USGS earthquake was told in advance about the “Shake Alert.

This software is pre-earthquake warning system at the central controller sends, magnets, and hover over the engine and some of the land