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High quality saffron .

jaflongGolden or` Say Say, food taste, flavor, and color does not compare to saffron . The most expensive spice in the world as it is very popular. saffron the extraordinary medicinal properties. Just a pinch of saffron may be released from almost 15 physical problems. Let’s learn about some quality .

Potassium, which is high blood pressure and heart disease saffron away. To remove all disease-related digestive problems and helps digestion. Of potassium in the body to form new cells and helps heal damaged cells.

Saffron various components of our brain that helps to relax, to take away the stress and problem. Respiratory problems such as various types of regular falling saffron asthma, pertussis, cough and helps to remove phlegm settlement. It has a magical ability to overcome the problem of insomnia. Drink warm milk before going to bed a little saffron to the problem of insomnia.

Massage gums with a little saffron in the gums, teeth and tongue to get rid of many problems. Saffron to improve eyesight and eye cataract works to prevent problems. Elements of the anti-arthritis pain, joint pain, muscle pain and weakness to get rid of particularly effective.

The problem may be exempt from acidity a little saffron. A few kinds of cancer cells in the body to lodge provides. Kolestorala the body and helps to control triglyceride. Krosina the material helps to reduce excessive temperature. Improve brain memory, thinking ability, enhances the ability to learn something.