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Flying selfi stick in market.

flySelaphi to the human tendency is increasing day by day. Selaphite people are so addicted that, on Tuesday, the British had hijacked Air selaphi with a young muggers.

Selaphi to increase the liquor companies are bringing to market a wide variety of selaphi stick. Its continuation is planning to bring to market the flying selaphi IOTO group name of an Australian technology company.

ROM selaphi the name of the international market is likely to stick to June this year.

IOTO LAN duphela Mashable Australia Group Executive Director, said: “The problem is that conventional selaphi stikagulora, it is quite long. The thought comes from, how it is that the picture will be flying! “

Smart phones threteda with the ROM-ike 5 meters can be programmed to detect a face. 5 minutes in 360 degree picture tolasaha live streaming capable of flying conditions. ROM-ite has a 5-megapixel CMOS sensor and ARM 7 processor cortices. To facilitate folding of the fin can be.

Duphela said, “We want to get to the bag or pocket, it is small enough.”

The idea is, it will compete with the existing Lily cameras. Lily kyameratio US company a flying camera. E slow ROM is priced at US $ 267, US $ 1175, where the lilies of the camera.

ROM-ite will have a sensor, which is taking pictures of the device in the user’s hand will bring peril.