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Eggplant quality.

eggplantMany people may not know, however, that the dynamic properties of the vegetable. It contains plenty of useful food ingredient. For example, there are 100 grams of purple – 5 kcal, 5.88 grams of carbohydrates, 3.53 grams cini, 3 grams, carbi 0.18 grams, 0.98 grams amisa, 0,039 mg, 0,037 mg, 0,649 mg niyasina, acid 0281 mg, 0,084 mg of vitamin bi6, pholeta X IUT, si 22 milligrams of vitamin A, vitamin e 0. 3 mg, vitamin ke 3.5 IUT, 9 mg, 023 mg ayarana, 14 mg, myanganija 0232 mg, 4 mg of phosphorus, patasiyama X 9 mg and 0.16 jinka milligrams full benefit of our body in a variety of eggplant.

For example – 1. Which is a powerful antioxidant and purple, stomach, small intestine, and colon cancer prevention. Eggplant helps to quickly dry the wound.

II. This amount is very low in sugar and fat. So, diabetes, heart disease and those who have more weight, and they can safely eat eggplant.

C skin, nails and hair provides nutrition and vitamins E and K works against clotting.

4. Food helps digestion and constipation, which is a purple khadyaamsa away.

5. There is an element of nasunina purple, veins-veins of the brain, which prevents the walls from fat deposits. As a result, brain stroke and brain hemorrhage can reduce the risk of disease. Increased oxygen levels in the brain increases the karmoddipana.

6. Reduces bad cholesterol in the blood eggplant and helps control diabetes.

7. Brinjal magnesium and calcium teeth, bones and nails strong. 8. Seasonal runny nose, cough, cough helps to remove eggplant. There are bhesajagunao eggplant absorb nutrients as well.
For example – 1. The next day, the day before the evening cooked eggplant pulp mixed with honey playing the insomnia goes away.
II. Makhale itching and skin diseases can be cured eggplant on baking powder.
3. If poultice of boiled eggplant is ripe bisaphomra quickly.
4. Datura eating raw eggplant juice juice goes down.
5. Every morning on an empty stomach burn eggplant mixed with molasses grown to reduce the risk of liver plays from malaria.