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Smart Watch gold-plated.

watchWearable technology is the core of the famous American designer, Michael had to focus on product design. Her designs first came to market smart. Michael has designed two smart markets. They are powered by Android operating system.

This is a smart luxury for women has been created. It was gold-plated. The other for men. Luke has been so sporty. Both smart price is $ 395. VAT, and its price rose to 30 thousand 995 rupees tyaksabade BDT.

IPhone can be synced with Android-powered smart two. These special features are the display faces. These ristabyanda paribartanayoga. Leather or silicone can be used as a band.

These smartaoyace social media notifications, messages, e-mail, app notifications
Can be found.

Fitness Tracker also has a built-in smartaoyacagulote. Watch two of Google’s voice-command support.