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‘Zero’ Rupie!

0Rs 1 to 5, 10 or even Rs 500 and Rs 1 are notes. But zero notes! Or is he? Not surprisingly. Already, the Indian market has come to this note. Sarakarikarmi minister or leader, or anyone else wanted a bribe of Rs bundle deliver zero day. Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi languages, spreading the zero rupee note.

Fifth Pillar, an NGO brings to market the zero-rupee note. Its innovative ideas to bring movement against bribery. Vijay Anand, founder of the NGO, the zero rupee note can be used properly if the people of the country, if you can build a massive movement against bribery. According to their “zero corruption, zero rupees. Many people can not properly fall under the spell of ghusakhoradera protest. Many were forced to pay bribes for jobs recovery. Many people are not willing to pay bribes. Whatever protest against bribery, it is very isolated. Fifth Pillar wants India to be ghusabirodhi organized movement. No one wanted to bribe him to be set at zero rupee note. Ghusakhoradera be given the message that the whole country-style movement has begun. According to the joy of victory, the sarakarikarmi took bribes, they’re afraid.

When the news that Jobs would be taking a bribe light, can be jelao. But people do not protest continues bribery transactions. So this could be a way of protest.