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To keep a eye good

eyeThe time now to many eye problems are quite evident form. Especially those students, their case is more common eye problems. Food adulteration, full of nutrients due to eye problems, etc. can be found. So if you want to keep a good eye sight problems, and we should choose something to eat. Let’s assume that some foods can help keep your eyes like taking

Eye care is very beneficial to eat greens. Our country such as green leafy vegetables, spinach, pui, peanut, pumpkin, etc., do not neglect. There are plenty of anti-oxidant green herbs. It is also a very good source of manganese. They help to solve the problems of the eye. Retinake eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays helps protect greens. Greens helps to better eyesight.

Carrot is a very healthy and nutritious vegetables. It can be eaten both raw or ranna. In order to keep the eyes healthy diet is one of the carrots. Carrot contains vitamin A and beta carotene; Which helps to keep the eyes clean. Very powerful anti-oxidant beta carotene. This cataract, loss of eyesight due to age, etc., helps to prevent the problem.

In the eyes of maize meal to another. Bhuttaya plenty of iron, vitamin B-1, vitamin A, C and laikopina; Kareadha-cup cooked bhuttaya keen eyesight which can help all the elements necessary for a human eye is enough. I can eat corn on a regular basis. The regular consumption of maize yellow pigment in the eye, there is no risk of losing. Even lowers the risk of cataracts.