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What to do if suddenly summer cold

cold-faverFlux is not just biraktikarai, is asbastikarao! Many people are affected by changing seasons sardite. Jharache water continuously through the nose. He has sneezed. Do not sleep properly because of the cold. What has been the head of relaxing. What do you do in your situation is to nihsbasa diyeei face, only to find out.

1) Flux means infection or infection. The inner skin of the nose is swollen as a result of excessive cold. Even blood does not perform properly due to the inner skin can be a bit dry. However, if you use a nose spray as soon as the swelling goes down. However, the spray should not be used for more than a week.

Ii) nasal spray medication is more light than the carbonic acid with minerals and sea salt with water drops. After the drop of the nose and nose so dry I do not think there is moisture inside the skin. And slowly nakata feel a lot lighter.

3) If some flux flux with the help of an inhaler to get rid of it. However, it is not no gain.

4) A cold nose or nose after the operation that is irrigated with water. That is a special container that is washing through the nose for a long time from one end arekadike. The infection can spread and pour the water into the nose as a result feel comfortable.

5) If you feel cold, hot meals, soup or warm drink, feel comfortable, if a bit is that, if everyone will agree. According to a recent study, apple and karantera (like raisin fruit) juice or drink hot or cold and helps to reduce galabyatha.

6) Many were voted on cold or difficulty sleeping is hard to nihsbasa. The simple solution to this problem, the head slightly elevated, if possible, the use of two pillows sule will be more comfortable.