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Way to stay smart in low expense.

smartIf you want to be fashionable and smart and cost nothing to be done. Because we need the money to buy fashion and many other aspects. However, if you want a little common sense and cost or low-expense can be a smart and fashionable.

Kari kari spra treatment parlor for not spending money to learn from the most inexpensive ways to spra treatment. Kasuma at the beginning of the day and wash it with hot water. Stand at the end of bathing in cold water for 15 seconds. Please eikajati twice. This method is a bath to hydrate the body. This is to revitalize your skin to glow from the inside is.

Rimubharera makeup makeup can make the way home. Makeup for raising baby oil, baby shampoo, you can use olive oil. These elements make up your home, and these are quite effective.

Parlor acne treatment that can remove acne using domestic pack. Straraberi 1/4 cup, 1/4 cup yogurt mixed pack to create. Leave on for 15 minutes. Then wash well with water. Straraberite syalika acid is removed from the skin that has acne.

Many lipistika you if you do not buy a new lipistika old with the new color of lipstick lipstick you can create. Take the old lipstick melting micro-wave, then the mix Lip Balm. The lipstick has been created is a completely new look.

Keep warm during the winter clothes to buy. At the end of the winter to keep buying winter clothes for the winter to get a lot less money. Sometimes there are a lot of discount stores at this time.

If you do not use a lot of mascara, mascara dries up. In this case, mascara bottle of olive oil and salt misrata Pour water. Then dipped in a cup of hot water for a few minutes, place the bottle inside the mascara.

12 am to mash ripe bananas or ayadokoda. Then put it in the mouth for 15 minutes. Once dry, rinse with water. This will help the skin to remove asperities.