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That important to know when buying a smartphone

phnNow is the time smartphone and smart technology. Smart product strategy, except that now the smartphone has become difficult. Each hand is now seen less expensive and more expensive smartphones. However, the smartphone market is good reason to be cautious when buying fake smartphones are now rampant. Therefore, the need to be careful when buying a smartphone of them are discussed below:
Design: The most important thing is that the purchase of any smartphone before you decide dijainatai no designs on your smartphone smart phones like the lagebajarera is remarkable designs. Therefore, it is better to own personal needs and interests in accordance with the design.
Weight: Before you go to buy a smartphone, how do you think about what weight will buy mobile phones. Because mobile phones are usually bigger than the weight. However, due to planting sobailera phonasete battery weight.
Screen size: the big screen, small screen mobile phone is more popular, but if you want to carry a mobile phone should easily. The four-inch or half-inch or five inch screen mobile phone demand is phonerao.
Display quality: the quality of a smartphone screen at the time of purchase that he needed more. Best quality display 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) phones are pretty expensive. It should be noticed before buying viewed from different angles can be seen in the picture is not clear. However, the general quality of mobile display is less than 720-P. Operating System: Android is now the most popular operating system, iOS 7, Windows one. Please choose the smartphone before buying. Because the operating system is determined on the basis of all the activities of the phone.
Price: The price of mobile phones is already over, everything will be better. However, mobile phones before buying another version of the same model on the market very soon, in fact it did not get any advantage must think twice before buying it.
Battery power: Mobile phone battery power, depending on what is determined. However, the large screen and powerful battery is necessary. And now the 3000 mAh battery is the highest energy is on the market.
Bluetooth: Bluetooth phone with any other transactions you can not do anything. So before buying Please check on whether there is Bluetooth.
Try to two GB of RAM: RAM gives the phone to speed operations. Therefore, you should try to buy the phone, the two GB of RAM. However, up to 3 GB of RAM, with the latter coming on the market mobailagulo. Wireless charging: it is very necessary, however, provided without charge. Plug the point where there is a problem, however, is not quite like wireless charging system.
Three-G or G-Four: Three-G connection in our country had just been introduced. Depending on the speed of the data connection. Four-G enables faster connections. Three-G connection for smart phones in the world who can take the mobile phone is usually better. Popular reviews and ratings using the site: The Internet site is on the butt is silence. The reviews and ratings on popular escape the onslaught of malware, not lingering. Terry: Terry is provided with the phone. However, you do not need to call to see Terry. Smart accessories looks quite interesting. The quality of the phone is quite good accessories.
Keep software updated: phone software is being updated constantly. If you are in your phone’s software update was sundaramato device will work. At the same time your phone will have many more days like this.
Contract phones for: Europe-America with other organizations on the basis of a variety of conditions, there is the purchase of mobile phones. The companies offer operator who is in our country. In that case, the most of any institution and mobailagulora models are compared with the prices and features according to your own preference will.
Applications that support apps that use your mobile phones. And of course, it is not for the apps on your phone, do not try to exploit. Besides, according to mobile phones on the Internet is a collection of apps separately. The phone should be picked up from there for the apps.
Serviceable Phone: spots on the screen that is not easily broken or burst or may not be, but from the hand of the phone is a strong need to be selective.