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Make coffee with Mobile .

coffieHand magic wand smartphone talks. With the magic wand electric fan, light on-off, starting from the home oven can be controlled. When the phone is so much to be left out of the coffee but created and why? The coffee machine to make coffee  the direction of your phone. Even though the phone is not a smartphone!

 the first coffee machine  the Android, iPhone or any mobile phone can be connected. Just indicate the coffee machine bed made coffee will begin. Coffee machine, water is what you need to do to keep the vessel with water and coffee  will change.

If you want to drink regular coffee, then set the timer on the coffee ready for you to be on time. If you’re not sure when you wake up, the app can help you to build a bed of coffee. Not only that, the coffee machine and talk with your phone. You will be notified when to water and when the empty capsule in your coffee is going to end.

In addition to apps like ordinary coffee machine by pressing the button you can use this machine. With this machine you can create several types of coffee. Espresso, espresso and espresso with a double-normal water is brewing  button.

Milky coffee or beverage machine for brewing and mixing system app has extra milk.

Smart coffee machine nyasapreso  price of $ 49. 0 of BDT without VAT and tax money. Milky Beverage brewing coffee for the extra 50 dollars to buy a milk .