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Mishu macharanaya Power Play

mishuThe Bangladesh National Women’s Cricket team. After modeling and acting and joined the ranks. He has praised the presentation. The successful staging of the event can be viewed as a more Mishu Chowdhury, former women’s player.

The presentation ceremony of the Asia Cup cricket analytics kingfisher is a former television star female player. The name “GP power play. Before the start of the game and after the game, a player with another player, he will discuss various issues related to the game.

Mishu said the Asia Cup cricket tournament on the occasion of the presentation of the issue as very positive. The analytical discussion of each game, I think the benefit of the game. “

Kingfisher television program on Wednesday, February 4 at 7pm and before each game of the tournament at the end of the game being aired. Will continue until March 6.

The Summer of Cricket World Cup was televised presentation ceremony was an analytical Mishu. The program was named “World bisbamate.