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Suddenly Purnima (Video)

Purnima-bdI have not seen the film, now regularly purnimake popular actress. While the small screen he appeared only occasionally. The husband of the heroine, is busy with family and children.

Declared the film to return very soon. But eventually they did not match any news yet. However, the full moon is a great one for the fans khaba are the favorite actress in a musical video was released recently. Where he was seen with singer tahasanera.

Indeed, there was a full moon last two films. One of them was directed by Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi ‘to kantiniuda B’. The other is led by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raj ‘shadow-picture.

Two of them are stuck for various reasons; Not released. There is no more relaxed they will be released. The nightmare glance ‘to B kantiniuda the film’s release may contain forward. For example, a music video recently released film.

Could Friday, February 19, Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi’s YouTube channel is expressed, ‘What is my illness, “the title song. Highlights of the discussion was seen purnimake heroine, Tahsan with.

The film is not released soon found out that the director phahamike phone. He could not give any information about Tahsan-full moon. So now with these two stars Sake Music fans can try this.