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That’s because your weight is increasing.

tensionWeight loss is not an easy task at all. After recovering from the life and work of diet, exercise, and they want to work and back home? Cleaning the house every day so there is no question. But if you want to lose weight, you must clear at least to the kitchen. can become messy because of your weight.

See if you notice, stress, unrest reduced control over eating. We then do not worry so much about diet or weight, but good fun to try to eat the heart. stress hormones increase the impact of our or desire to eat. Kitchen dirty and messy, but we think that the stress, and it may be more, because eating and weight gain. This idea was the backbone of a study from Cornell University.

In this study, 98 women were to spend 10 minutes in a kitchen. They were told to wait for anyone. Half the participants were told to stand in a messy kitchen. And a pile of newspapers, dirty dishes letter and the phone was ringing constantly, which means a very bad condition. Half of the participants in a kitchen was tidy and quiet. Two bowl cookies, crackers and carrots were kept. The messy kitchen, the women ate more cookies. There are more women in the kitchen to ask for another 53 calories if eaten.

Another noticeable thing is, these women before the kitchen was asked to write about their own life, uncontrolled moment, from the very beginning so that their mental state is somewhat messy. It is understood from this research, for disorderly environment and unsustainable diet is not good. In this situation, people think that everything around her messy, messy, so be his fault, what?

This research is not just about women. But according to the researchers, this study over a man, but similar results can be obtained.

In this study, the main thing is that stress is bad for us. It is responsible not only for an increase in weight, it increases our heart rate, headaches, IBS, and as an ulcer create . Meditation, There are many ways to manage the stress that is. But if the stress in your kitchen clean and tidy if itim’s habit to keep your weight will be very beneficial.